Partnering in Discernment, Ensuring Participation

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) is a group of Teaching and Ruling elders chosen to do much of the work of the Presbytery of the Northwest Coast in fulfilling the needs of the church to have prepared persons for ordained church leadership. CPM, using the committee’s collective insight with the Spirit’s leading, helps those who sense a call to be Ministers of the Word and Sacrament explore that sense of call.  As a call is confirmed, CPM enters into a covenant relationship to affirm and guide the personal, educational, spiritual and professional preparation for this office.  CPM adopts the Preparation for Ministry Advisory Handbook of the PC(USA) as the necessary guide in understanding the covenant relationships of care and the basis for strong foundation of skills, attitudes and behaviors for ministry.
There are four major sections of this website (see index to the left). If you're new to the process and are interested in finding out more, proceed to the "Applicants" page. If you're already in the process, click on the "Inquirers and Candidates" page for links to the forms and resources you will need to complete the process. If you're a member of a session that has someone under care, proceed to the "Sessions" page. Finally, we have compiled all of the various CPM forms and links together onto one page titled "Resources" for your convenience.