Northwest Coast Presbytery is funded by the people and congregations of Northwest Coast Presbytery and individuals passionate about the ministry of Jesus Christ. 

We encourage you to give an undesignated gift or designate your gift for one or more of our covenant partners and new worshipping communities.  If you’d like to discuss giving options please give us a call at 425.355.0922. 

Broaden & Build: Covenant Partners are supported by congregations who give regularly to Northwest Coast Presbytery’s “Unified Mission” or designate their giving to our covenant partners.  These established ministry partners help broaden and build our congregations’ ministry & mission. 100% of your gift goes to covenant partners.

Reach & Grow: Extending our ministry through new initiatives like Tidelands are funded by generous financial contributions from individuals like you.  Give to one of our New Worshipping Communities or simply specify “New Ministries.”  100% of your gift goes to the ministry you designate.  

We are generous with our covenant partners and new initiatives because NWC Presbyterians support our Core Ministry Operations through their “per capita” annual contributions.  A small amount ($47.82 in 2017) is contributed by each member each year for the core ministry operations of Northwest Coast Presbytery, Synod of AK/NW, and PC(USA). Read more about that here: “What your Per Capita Pays For”