Starting Something New for Christ’s sake

I’m amazed at how much encouragement and support you provide for those willing to venture out and start something new.  – Matt McCoy

As a result of the training and discernment process, we developed a whole new plan for ministry than we started out with and it’s made all the difference.  –Rev. Brandon Bailey 

We help you move from Inspiration to Incarnation to Sustainability

We encourage innovative leaders to bring Jesus-driven ideas into the world. 

Check out these new worshipping communities in and around Northwest Coast Presbytery

Congregations launch all sorts of innovative community blessing projects and ministries like Las Pepitas Bilingual Preschool.  Get inspired!

Do you have vision or inspiration for a new ministry? Taste what launching a new ministry is like and assess whether you have what it takes

Part of a congregation, committee or team hoping to start something new? PCUSA 1001 Movement has developed a helpful discernment process—Starting  New Worshiping Communities—to give shape and direction to your hopes. Get inspired

Worthy ministries cannot live on inspiration alone! We also help ministries develop organizational and financial sustainability (from incarnation to sustainability).

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