It’s time for year-end reporting again. An email with instructions and information has been sent to all Clerks of Session, Moderators of Sessions, and church offices. 

Please check the Clerk of Session's contact information here.  Email revisions to Dean.

Checklist of this year's reports:

1.  General Assembly (directions below) 
     - Annual Statistical Report - Due Feb. 5complete online
     - Need your password?  Find it here.

    - Clerks Annual Questionnaire - Was completed this fall.

2.  NWC Presbytery - Due Feb. 5.
     - Terms of call for clergy (fill-in form)
           Terms of call data must also be reported to the Board of Pensions
     - Necrology (fill-in form)
     - Date of last financial review (fill-in form)
     - Copy of current Insurance Declaration of Coverage (scan and email to Dean)

3.  NWC Presbytery - Due Feb. 5.
     - Roster of Elders (fill-in form)
     - Roster of Deacons (fill-in form)
     - Copy of Church Annual Report (word processing file or scan and email to Dean)

Directions for General Assembly reporting:

2018 Instruction Booklet (English)
2018 Instruction Booklet (Korean)

1.  GA Annual Statistical Report – click on “access the year end statistics online reporting system”

  • Instructions are found at the above link in English, Korean, and Spanish.
  • Don’t be afraid to estimate when you lack reliable data (e.g Sunday School attendance).
  • Financial Section - May be completed and/or entered by your financial person.
  • Username and Password – The same as last year; information was emailed to all Clerks of Session and Moderators of Session.  Be careful to use only yours.
  • Remember, the closer you get to the deadline the slower the system will be, since it slows down with multiple users and most people wait to the last minute.
  • Call Dean if you have questions or difficulties—use the 10 minute rule—if you can’t solve an issue in ten minutes, call! 425.210.8997 (till 11pm nightly!) 

Progress Report from Dean updated weekly