VERGE 2.0: 2017 VIDEOS

VERGE 2.0 2017 is inspired by NWC Presbytery's 3 core initiatives:  
     Congregational Renewal
     New Expressions of the Church (new worshipping communities)
     Village Ministries (congregations in communities of less than 1000 people in rural or isolated areas).  

6 speakers presented TED-style talks focused on one or more of these three areas: 

Lina Thompson, Pastor of Lake Burien PC, Burien, WA. (Renewal)

Dave Rohrer, Pastor of Emmanuel PC, Bothell. (Renewal)

Becki Barrett, Pastor of Overlake Park PC, Bellevue. (Renewal/New Expression). We apologize for the technical difficulties with the audio. Here's a link to a sermon with similar topics & a written transcript of the presentation.

Seth Normington, Pastor Waterville Federated Church, Waterville. (Village)

Tamisha Tyler, Pastor of a New Church Expression in LA Area and Ph.D. Student at Fuller Seminary.  Works with Nick Warnes through Cyclical. (New Expressions). 

Nick Warnes, Pastor of Northland Village Church and Director of Cyclical LA. (New Expressions). 


VERGE 2.0 Learning Community Resources

All presentations are being recorded and available for sharing and learning at We’ll contact you when they’re ready. Use them as a resource to inspire yourself or a friend, share with a group or team, learn as a session what it takes to champion renewal, new expressions, and/or village ministries in the name of Jesus! VERGE 2.0 will continue throughout the year with curated resources recommended by our speakers and others at We hope to spark and sustain ongoing conversation about fresh ways of becoming Christ’s church for a new day. When you encounter a resource this community should know about please contact Corey at or EJ Lee at

2017 Learning Community Resources

Media Diet Recommendations from 2017 Presenters:

Nick Warnes: 

Books: Lean Startup, Zero to One, Start With Why, The Art of the Start, Starting Missional Churches: Life With God in the Neighborhood

Podcast: How I Built This

Tamisha Tyler:

Books: Faith Rooted Organizing

Organizations: CCDA

Becki Barrett:

Top Tier: Strengths Finder, Gallup Theme Thursday (Podcast), Fierce Conversations, The Speed of Trust.

Others: This American Life, Working Preacher, Trinity Presbyterian Church (Atlanta, Georgia), Hidden Brain (all podcasts).

Books: I Know This Much is True, Life Together, Listening to Your Life, The Next Worship, A Hidden Wholeness, The First 100 Days.

Dave Rohrer:

Alan Roxburgh's book Joining God, Remaking Church, Changing the World: The New Shape of the Church in Our Time

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