2015 VERGE 2.0 Videos

Videography by: Community Church of Seattle, Bothell

Participants received the following at VERGE 2.0:

The Great Emergence (2008) by Phyllis Tickle.  Published by Baker Publishing Group. 
The Great Emergence helps North American Christians develop language and make sense of the sweeping changes effecting the church in the early 21st Century. It helps explain why fresh expressions of Christ's church and innovating in ministry is so important in our time.  

Starting New Worshiping Communities: A Process of Discernment (2014) by the Presbyterian Mission Agency.  Free download here. 

Engage: the Gospel, Discipleship, Community, and Church Shifts (2010) by Ray Jones and David Loleng, Office of Church Growth and Evangelism, Presbyterian Mission Agency.   

Strength in Small Numbers by David Rohrer, published in June 2015 issue of Presbyterians Today.

VERGE 2.0 will continue throughout the year with curated resources recommended by our speakers and others. We hope to spark and sustain ongoing conversation about fresh ways of becoming Christ’s church for a new day. When you encounter a resource this community should know about please contact Corey Schlosser-Hall.  Additional recommendations include

  • It isn’t often that a little church like Acme Presbyterian gets a place on a national stage but thanks to the article in the June issue of Presbyterians Today we landed there.  What an encouragement to this faithful group of believers but readers should know there is more to the story.  Read the remainder of Jan Smith's message and Rev. David Rohrer's article, A pretty remarkable group of people.
  • Soma School Video Training (Missional community training resources & more). Soma School started in Tacoma, WA and is the most complete, engaged training for people wanting to explore and experiment with missional communities as a way to be church.  Core team of Tidelands Church participated in this training in-person and are thrilled that much of the content is now available through online video. 
  • Missional Communities: the Rise of the Post-Congregational Church (2011) by Reggie McNeal.
  • Christianity for the Rest of Us (2006) and Christianity After Religion (2012) by Diana Butler Bass. 
  • Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City (2012) by Tim Keller
  • Starting New Worshipping Communities: A Process of Discernment (2014) by Presbyterian Mission Agency.  Free download here. 
  • One Thousand and One New Worshipping Communities website and resources.
  • The Shaping of Things to Come (2001) by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost
  • "The Strange New World within the Bible." Chapter 2 in The Word of God and the Word of Man (1928) by Karl Barth. Available online.  
  • Parks & Recreation NBC TV Series. TV show was recommended because of good character development, storylines, and how the show captures genuine relationships. Each character is unique but they share life and work together to accomplish shared goals.