As a leader, facilitator and coach of leaders, Patricia Burgin ("Patty") has advised and mentored thousands of individuals and teams toward better performance, communication and meaning.

Following stints in international leadership of a Christian non-profit, as a conference speaker, as a tour leader in the former Soviet Union and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Patty founded SeattleCoach in 2003 and began to coach and facilitate exclusively in 2005. She holds two master's degrees, one on Theology and a second in Applied Behavioral Science and has joined the top four percent of credential coaches worldwide to have been awarded the title of "Master Certified Coach" by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

In 2008 she launched The SeattleCoach Professional Coach Training and Development Program for executives who see coaching as an extra--and increasingly essential--gear in their leadership engine. The program is accredited by the ICF, and over 250 "SeattleCoaches" who have completed the training, or soon will, are having an impact on the West Coast and beyond as both external coaches and as better leaders on the inside of great companies and organizations.

She thinks excellent coaching is like grace: rarely intrusive, usually disruptive, more nuanced than announced and just as much about "how" as "what."

Named "Smart Ass of the Year" by sorority sisters during her freshman year at Oregon State, She works with an approach that is warm, practical, innovative, direct, playful and generous.  Patty values insight-creation as the crucial component of content delivery. “I love it when my brain lights up,” she says, “And it’s even better when everyone else's brains light up.”