Underground Ministries Update: Resurrections Make Ripples

A special message from Chris Hoke, Underground Ministries:



In the two weeks since I've returned from my healing season away, I've been overwhelmed by the good things happening. Movement that I didn't have to hustle to make happen!

So I feel more like the recipient than the producer of some of the joy I get to report this month.

I'll share one story fully here, with an invitation to get involved. The other developments I've made into small flashcards in the sidebar (or lower in the scroll, if you're reading on your phone).

Each of these short stories this month show me how the hidden, underground transformation in a few men and women can ripple outward--changing the game for their kids, business markets, churches, and the wider community.

That's the joy, the movement, we want to propel.

Here's the main story now.

The Inaugural "Underground Scholarship Fund"

Look at that photo at the top. That's Juan with his daughter Alyssa at her high school graduation last week.

I knew Juan through his years on the streets and through addiction. After he reached out to meet with me on the sly for a few years for prayer, after a risky journey of recovery, he began working full time at Underground Coffee.

Now his oldest daughter Alyssa is off to college! Juan called me last week, telling me his daughter his short on tuition, despite the many small scholarships she's received, and the family using all their savings.

"So bro," he asked, "does, like, Underground Ministries have any scholarships? You know, for the kids of guys like me changing their lives? So they can go to college, like we never did?"

Let's make one, I told him.

"So . . . does Alyssa need to write an essay or something, to apply?"

Yes. Perfect.

I asked him, What if he and his daughter both wrote a short essay about how the parent's resurrection from the underground of addiction and incarceration led to new horizons of family success?

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