Seattle Times features Tall Timber

The magical experience of summer camp

By Jeff Layton

Special to Explore

Seattle Times

Mountains soar off of the valley floor, rising 5,000 feet skyward, but the kids at Tall Timber camp don’t seem to notice. 

They’re busy playing a game that has them hyperfocused on using a compass to find a route around an impossibly vivid green lawn.  

A few minutes earlier, I had passed another group of kids flinging arrows into straw-bale targets to the sound of neatly snapping bowstrings.  

In all directions there were the hallmarks of summer camp: bundles of excited nervous energy, giggles and smiles on the faces of children who had just discovered a new skill.

By all accounts, the camp’s setting in Leavenworth is stunning. It’s hard to remain unimpressed when you’re nestled between two wild rivers and surrounded by national forest on the edge of Glacier Peak Wilderness.  

But it was the buzz of activity that had this visitor awash in nostalgia for my own camp days — both as a camper and a camp counselor.  

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