Rev. Larry Emery of Metlakatla PC receives grant to study significance of Herbert Hoover’s and then President Warren G. Harding’s visit to Metlakatla in 1923.

Update from Rev. Larry Emery on April 23, 2019:

I am pleased to announce that I received an email yesterday confirming I had been awarded a travel grant from the Hoover Foundation. I will use the grant to go the Hoover Presidential Library and do a study of a Tsimshian totem pole and legend that had been presented to Hubert Hoover after his visit to Alaska with President Harding in 1923. He was serving as the United States Secretary of Commerce at the time. Both Hoover and President Harding in 1923 visited Metlakatla. The Tsimshian artist whose pole and account of the legend Hoover was given was Eli Tait. His account of the legend behind the pole might be the earlier version of this legend in existence that wasn't filtered through and anthropologist. I will also be looking through pictures to see if this pole ever sat on the mantle of the White House!

This is the story of Hoovers’ visit to Metlakatla and his connections with the people here. I will let you know more details as they become available. I hope to publish the results of my research.

Here is more about the Hoover Foundation: