Kaleidoscope Academy @ FPC Snohomish

Kaleidoscope Academy is a community outreach ministry of FPCS and we are excited to have a new Biblical scholar coming on our staff.  Felipe Ocampo is a recent Th. M. grad from Princeton Theological Seminary with experience doing research on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Kaleidoscope Academy has invited him to teach a four week class on Discovering the Dead Sea Scrolls which will be offered on Tuesday evenings from 7-8 PM, Feb. 5-26 at First Presbyterian Church of Snohomish. 

Felipe has two primary passions, music and Biblical studies.  As a musician, he is offering classes in guitar, ukulele, banjo, drums, and piano.  As a multi-lingual person, he is offering classes in Spanish and German, and can offer instruction in Biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic.  As a Biblical Scholar he is offering a class on Ancient Israel for homeschool students and the Dead Sea Scrolls.  And as a fun-loving guy who enjoys dancing to stay in shape, he is teaching a class on Latin American Dance.

Dead Sea Scrolls class information

Kaleidoscope Academy Classes Winter 2019