Nettie Covalt begins ministry as SE Alaska Cluster Coordinator

A message from Nettie:

Nettie Covalt, SE Alaska Cluster Coordinator

Nettie Covalt, SE Alaska Cluster Coordinator

July 3, 2018

Greetings to all my PCUSA brothers and sisters located in beautiful SE Alaska,

This letter is an introduction of the new Southeast Alaska Cluster Coordinator, which is myself! Ta-da!  So…Hi!

For those who don’t know me; I have lived in southeast Alaska for 56 years. Almost all of that time in Wrangell, where I am currently the Commissioned Pastor. For the past 25 plus years I have been active in PCUSA in Southeast. Sharing the feelings, we have had with all of the changes in our churches. Mainly the decline of membership. The split of some of our churches that caused us to be no longer a viable presbytery and all the scary and new and wonderful places that has taken us the last few years.

I am also presently a member of COM (committee on ministry). I will also be representing all of you on that committee beginning this month.

I believe it is very important that we stay a community (cluster) as we are very unique in not only our locations but our ways of life. We need to keep our identity and still be a very viable part of North West Coast Presbytery.

I am retiring the middle of August from 22 years as a daycare provider.  I plan on spending more of my time focusing on the ministry God has called me to.  I believe that this position with the Presbytery is an extension of the call He has for me.

I will always just be a phone call/text message/email/ Facebook Messenger away.  I also will be able to have the joy of visiting you in person throughout the year depending on needs of your church community. If I don’t have the answer, I know who will. I will be your voice on COM and at Presbytery

I am known as Nettie Covalt.  My given name is Marie Jeanette Covalt, so you might also see me referred as that. But as my once young son said to an adult he had just met “her name is Marie Jeanette but all her friends call her Nettie”. So I introduce myself to you as Nettie, hoping this extends some and makes other new friendships.

Phone number: 907-470-0806

Email is:

There is a SE Alaska Cluster Facebook page that I will soon administrate as another way to keep lines of communication open.

Looking forward to this new journey with you,

In His peace