Keeping up with Collide


“On your worst days, in your biggest mistakes, do you know what God calls you? He calls you Beloved.” -Bob Goff

We had the absolute joy of welcoming well over a thousand of you to our Always event last weekend and what God did there exceeded even our highest hopes and boldest prayers. There were crazy fun elements like a parade (complete with balloons, cheerleaders, a drum line, tandem bikes, and banana costumes…) and sweet moments like a break for cookies accompanied by cartons of milk with colorful straws. There was singing and laughing and tons of cute photo ops. But what was truly incredible, is that women walked away from that night having collided with Jesus in a brand new way.

The message of the night was this: You are Beloved and it’s out of that truth that you can love the world around you. Even on your worst days, God calls you His daughter and asks you to view yourself that way, too. It can be so difficult, can’t it? With a world constantly shouting at us that we’re not doing enough, not performing well enough, not looking good enough… to hear ourselves described as Beloved feels almost unbelievable. But Jesus tells us something different. He looks right at our mistakes and failures and disappointments and calls us not only enough, but Beloved.

At the event, we got to place a medal around the neck of each woman, symbolizing their identity and giving them a tangible reminder that they are seen, set apart, and made with the capacity to love the world. So take these words as your virtual medal: The God of the universe knows you and His name for you is Beloved.

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