Cyclical Cascadia October 2018 Discerner Gathering

From Rev. Paul Kim, New Expressions Catalyst ( or 404.519.5873):

Oct 29th, 15 people gathered for the very first Cyclical “discerner gathering”. Our friends from the Vancouver area joined us, as well as people in our region. We definitely sensed something amazing was forming. It was an evening where people felt safe to share their hopes, vision, and discernment. We engaged in dialogue with one another and in the midst of mutual consultation there was definitely a sense of our thoughts and our hearts being formed more succinctly for what God is doing in our lives. 

Brandon Bailey was our ‘specialist’ for the evening. He asked us questions around the topic of “what do we do?” He shared that some of the first questions we should ask are: who is God, what is the church, what is our mission, and how do we see Christ in it all? It encouraged rich dialogue and excitement. Participants were eager to learn more, formulating greater thoughts and allowing God to stir the pot even more. 

Our next Discerner Gathering is Nov 26th, 6pm at Beardslee Public House. We hope that more will join the process of discerning and being with people faithfully seeking to engage in dialogue, discern, and dream together.