How serving its community transformed a dwindling church

Photo by Rachel Boisen

Through a modest tutoring program, a congregation discovered its calling in mission to the community. And then it started to grow.

TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2017

At the end of a recent Sunday service at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, Washington, a long line of worshippers headed outside to a scrubby lawn where a galvanized horse trough stood full of fresh, cold water.

The Rev. Matthew Robbins-Ghormley, in khaki shorts and a dark blue T-shirt, climbed in and waited for the first of three young adult catechumens to join him, beneath the blue sky for all to see.

The smiling crowd was full of children and families. Driving by, you might have thought a magic show or birthday party was underway, especially when cheers went up as each person was dunked under the water.

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