Welcome Janice Smith

On Thursday, May 18 the Executive Board of NWC Presbytery approved Janice Smith, CRE from Acme PC as NWC Presbytery's Pastoral Associate for Village Ministries (position description).

Janice brings so much energy, insight, and hopefulness to ministering in villages.  She wakes up in the morning to inspiration and new ideas about how God wants to raise up our villages for Christ's ministry.  And we are enthused to partner with her to help that happen.  Please reach out to her and welcome her!  

Janice has served as Pastoral/CRE for Acme PC in Acme, WA since 2006.  Prior to that she was Clinical Director and Internship Supervisor for Communication Disorders Department at Western WA University in Bellingham.  She's been a ruling elder at FPC Bellingham for many years before going to Acme and in 2010 she was Moderator of the former North Puget Sound Presbytery.  

Please join me (Corey) and our Exec Board in welcoming Janice Smith, M.Div. to this unique and timely ministry! Praise be to God.  E-mail her at janice@northwestcoast.org or call 360.595.1033.