Collide: Run Into Jesus takes next steps

The last Collide gathering for women in Bellingham had 700 women from age 17 to 80 Colliding together! Read more about the gathering. The next Collide gathering is coming up April 28. Learn about and register here.   As Corey and Dean have been traveling throughout Eastern WA visiting our congregations and their leaders we have learned several of these churches have women's ministry (PW or other) and almost all are looking to reinvent women's ministry to welcome younger women and address issues that are heartfelt.  Collide is one new way for a new day.  It's an energizing new expression of the church.  We encourage anyone interested in women's ministry to come and see!  NWC Presbytery recently awarded a New Church Expression Investment Grant to Collide. Congratulations Collide! The Presbyterian Mission Agency is currently evaluating a matching grant!  

Collide: Run Into Jesus 
Director is Willow Weston an amazing evangelist!  
Email Willow or call 360-739-5595

Here are two videos about Collide:  
Collide: A Day for Women. 2 minutes.
Willow Weston tells the story of Collide at VERGE 2.0 in Northwest Coast Presbytery. 18 minutes.