Holm in Malawi Prayer Requests - October 2017

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* We have kicked off a new school year for little Mphatso, and thankful all is going well.  We are blessed she has a preschool that is part of the CCAP church that is a good fit for our family.

* An encouraging visit to Mzuzu by a member of our home church family, from West Side Church, Richland, WA who is leading a 3-day gender training at the University of Livingstonia this week.

* Tyler and Rochelle celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary this month.

* The University of Livingstonia will hold graduation on October 7th.

Prayer requests

* We have had numerous power cuts and water supply problems the past few weeks, which are unpredictable and often make even simple tasks very time consuming. At home, we have some things on our backup solar power unit and some water stockpiled.

* For grace while juggling busy academic and work-related travel schedules for both Tyler and Rochelle during October.

* As of last month, we were at 55% of our Presbyterian World Mission funding target for the year. As 2017 winds down, many of you give large gifts at the end of the year, please pray about giving an early gift to meet the needs of our sending and support and accompany us in our ministry work in Malawi.

* Pray for the country of Malawi, its government, its leaders, its students, its future, and also pray for our local partner the CCAP, and the universities that we work for.

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Grace and Peace,

Tyler, Rochelle and Mphatso Holm

Presbyterian World Mission/University of Livingstonia (Tyler) and Mzuzu University (Rochelle)

Mzuzu, Malawi