Youth Triennium

Youth and adults from around the NW Coast Presbytery have now returned from their adventure at the 2016 Youth Triennium at Purdue University.  They have shared some of the memories and experiences below, along with some great pictures!

Teresa Good shared her thoughts:
We all went to different activities in the prayer center to make a hand print, foot print, java with Jesus, colored a quilt square, pick which verse of Psalms 32 that spoke to each one of us individually. One could spend hours in the prayer center reflecting, meditating, thinking and praying. 

The final night worship service will not be forgotten. The message, writing down our issues and wading them up and tossing them to the front to get rid of them.  The lighting of the candles was beautiful and will be engraved in my mind with the thoughts and feeling we experienced.  I will never forget all the glow sticks flying thru the air as the youth and adults sang and danced together.  What an experience and what a lasting memory.

We were all thankful for the air conditioning in the dorms.  The dining hall being so close and the wide selection of food for each meal.  Yes, some of us went overboard with the food or the dessert, but with the amount of walking we did daily and the heat where we sweated it off we needed the fuel.

Our group were great troopers on the bus ride to Purdue that we had no air conditioning.
We were promised air conditioning on the ride from Purdue to Midway airport.  But once again the air conditioning did not work properly.  

The bus ride excitement did not end with only hot air. The passenger door of the bus opened on the freeway, that was exciting.  Mark the adult leader had to hold the door closed until we reached the rest stop and they tied it closed with the seat belt.

Our flight was also delayed due to overweight and humidity issues.  But still the youth were great and the adults could just laugh.

This trip may have had travel issues but it does not over shadow the activities, learning, growing and working as a delegation for the best experience we could have at Triennium.  Besides going to Triennium I can also say I have been to Purdue.

Jenine Taylor shared her experience:
As we rode the bus to the airport from Purdue and awaited our flight to Seattle, several adult leaders commented that we were so impressed with the young people from our Northwest Coast delegation and the Olympia delegation that traveled with us.  What a fantastic group!  

Over and above the basics of not having anyone get hurt, sick, or lost, these young people trooped around the Purdue University campus in the heat and humidity (and it was hot!) without complaint to meet new people and stretch themselves through new worship experiences, small group studies/discussions, and mission and recreation activities galore.  Triennium can be overwhelming at times, the sheer size of the event (none of us are used to worshipping with 5,000!).  But, I heard genuine conversations about what it is like to worship in relatively (and truly) small congregations in Alaska and Washington, and about the challenges that were presented to us each day to “Go!” back to our homes and into the world to make a difference as followers of Jesus Christ.  

A highlight for four from our delegation was rehearsing and singing in the Triennium choir with about 350 voices.  Our delegation also enjoyed spending a couple of hours one morning at the Prayer Center experiencing prayer in a variety of new ways.  At the end of the day, I came away with a greater respect and understanding of young people and their sensitivities and diversity. For instance, not all young people like loud music, and some found the worship music to be too loud!  The two young people from Cottage Lake Presbyterian both commented that while they very much enjoyed the experiences they had at Triennium, they are glad that they belonged to a small congregation and that they have been able to experience more intimate camp experiences at Tall Timber. Halleluiah!  That should give hope to us all

Dana Wright echoed Jenine’s experience and added:
I had a genuine appreciation of the adults in our entourage. I really appreciated all of your leadership and the respect you and the others gave to a variety of kids all facing different circumstance, pressures, and problems.

A special thanks to Rev. Alan Dorway for coordinating the trip for our delegation!

Tony De La Rosa, Interim Executive Director, Presbyterian Mission Agency: