Zion PC Welcomes Rev. Lee

The congregation of the Korean Zion Presbyterian Church in Shoreline has enthusiastically received Rev. Young Rae Lee as their new pastor.  Rev. Lee has a beautiful family – his wife, Jin Kyung Lee, who is also his alumnus from McCormick Seminary, and their two sons, Brian and Elliot.

Warm and passionate for care of people, Rev. Lee shared his vision for his new ministry in four ways:

  • To develop lay leadership so the pastor and congregation can work together to meet as many aspects of the ministry as possible,
  • To do healing ministry, being reminded of the congregation’s hardships as they experience daily the immigrant lives through The Word first, and then counseling, visitation and other pastoral cares,
  • To be open to all people, using all means possible including modern technologies, reaching out to both young and old, and
  • To bring happiness to the church life as he calls himself “a deliverer of happiness”, believing that once the church becomes a happy people, it can bring happiness to wherever it is.

Rev. Young Rae Lee was born in Korea and had theological trainings both in Korea and here in the United States, including Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary in Seoul (M. Div) and McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago (MATS).  He served as a pastor at Chicago Hana Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) for eight years before coming to Korean Zion Presbyterian Church.

We welcome Rev. Lee and his family as they make a home in Mukilteo, and are looking forward to sharing the Lord’s ministry together with him.