Trainers' Travels

She won!!!  Kristi Trainer won the Rick Steves' Tour Scrapbook Contest!  The Trainers went on sabbatical last year.  "This was a journey many months in the making.  When in July 2014 Neil received the incredible news that he'd been awarded a coveted Clergy Renewal Grant by Lilly Endowment, Inc. to do what "made his soul sing," planning began in earnest around the proposed theme: "Formation, Fermentation and Family", said Kristi. 

Rev. Neil Trainer, Pastor at Calvin PC, posted on Facebook, "Feeling proud and excited!  If you didn't see my shameless post earlier, you can check out her masterpiece and winning entry here."

Says Rick and his judges:  "Our jury was impressed with how Kristina incorporated Rick's travel philosophies throughout her scrapbook.  Her experiences with her guide, family, and fellow tour members were fun to follow.  We could tell she was teaching her kids to be good global citizens.  Her 'What we love about Rick Steves Tours,' 'The Stuff,' and 'Trainer Travel Tips' features were helpful and a highlight for us."