Sunnyside PC Welcomes Rev. Souza

The congregation of Sunnyside PC welcomes Rev. Mike Souza to serve as their pastor.  Rev. Mike was examined at the February Leadership Summit and unanimously approved.  Mike and his family recently moved from San Francisco, CA to Sunnyside, WA.  His ordination service will be held on April 23.

Mike included these reflections in his PIF:  I have spent most of my life in suburban communities, so I am naturally drawn to a church in that setting. However, my wife is from a small town in Wyoming giving me an appreciation for the smaller close-knit community. Whatever the type of community I am called to serve, establishing strong, deep, lasting relationships are central to my ministry. I want to emphasize a culture of renewal. I value tradition, history, and the importance of knowing one's story, but I also believe that when those things encounter and re-encounter the Gospel transformation  happens. I see my leadership competencies of hopeful, contextualization, and strategy and vision as being conducive for church redevelopment.  There are three areas of the Christian life I will tend to in my call to a church. The first is the spiritual life which is how we nurture our walk with God. Second is our life in community where we nurture our relationships with and care of one another. Third is our connection with our surroundings, locally and globally, by engaging in social, environmental, and interfaith concerns. By attending to these three areas we will raise our awareness of the presence of God in our lives as well as the nearness of the Kingdom of God in our world.