South Korea Visitation

In October, members of NWC Presbytery and the PC(USA) took a trip to South Korea thanks to the gracious gift of Rev. James Kwon and the Community Church of Seattle.  Rev. Kwon is the Senior Pastor at CCS and the Moderator of the Northwest Coast Presbytery.  

Watch the videos below and share their unforgettable experiences.  

"Every church they met with (Myong Sung Presbyterian Church, Onnuri Church, Kwang Sung PC, Yoido Full Gospel Church, and Wonchon Baptist Church) was lucidly clear about their vision, their unique mission, their role in the world.   Each one was distinct and specific!" said Corey Schlosser-Hall.  He goes on to say, "Transforming a life, congregation or presbytery requires not just good ideas, but experiences that show what renewal tastes, smells, and feels like. We were able to do this together."

Video below includes Korean translation.