First PC Port Townsend Welcomes Rev. Heins

It is with great pleasure the First PC Port Townsend PNC announces the congregation unanimously voted to call Rev. Paul Heins as their pastor on April 12, 2015.  NWC Presbytery members will vote to receive Rev. Heins at the October Leadership Summit. 

The congregation looks forward to welcoming Paul, his wife Carrie and their family to Port Townsend to begin his pastorate in June. 

Rev. Paul Heins brings 17 years experience as a Presbyterian pastor, presently in Logan, Utah, and previously in Long Branch, New Jersey.  He received his M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, his B.A. in International Affairs from Lewis & Clark College.  He has focused his continuing education on peacemaking, environmental ministry, preaching, and clinical pastoral work.  Paul has worked extensively in ministries serving the hungry, here and afar. He has a facility for bringing people of different faiths together in community and service.

Paul and his wife Carrie were college sweethearts.  They still hold hands.  They have two children, one starting college, the other just completed her Bachelor’s.  Their oldest, Lydia, graduated from Linfield College in Oregon last May with a degree in History, and is pursuing a masters in Museum Studies in London beginning next fall.  Their son, Eric, will be attending University of Puget Sound in the fall.  He is still exploring where his interests lie.  Paul comes to us with rave reviews from former congregants.  Robert & Rebecca Clark, now of Mankato MN describe themselves as “perpetually impressed with Paul,” whose approach to spirituality he likens to “a kid in a candy store” - in wonderment and a sense of discovery.  Paul's thoughtful demeanor reflects his personal and pastoral depth and intentional nature.  Another admires his gift for listening and mediation, and for leading both large and small groups “in an understated way.”  Paul took the Logan church through a renovation that created a viable church space and revitalized them.  He calls Paul a person of “great courage.” 

Paul believes the Church is called to be a place of profound engagement with sharing and seeking marked by love, grace, and a desire for justice and peace.  He believes that “like Jesus, we are called to live a cross-shaped life that liberates and welcomes, feeds and heals, nurtures and challenges.”  Paul embraces worship of different kinds and styles: “I have to believe that a sense of God’s presence depends less on theology and style and more on an attitude of seeking, expectation, and love.” 

Paul believes the Church is entering a new Reformation and must find new ways of being and doing Church.  Churches need to be “more nimble and flexible in addressing their local contexts, more streamlined in structure, and more outwardly focused.”  He calls this new Reformation, “an opportunity and adventure that’s too good for me to pass up. I hope to be part of a church that feels the same.”

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