VERGE 2.0 to Highlight Leadership Summit October 16-17, 2015

Community Church of Seattle will host Northwest Coast Presbytery’s Leadership Summit October 16-17.  Online registration is available now! 

The heart of that summit will be VERGE 2.0; a confluence focused on learning about innovative ministries that move the church beyond its status quo.  

Learn more about the 7 innovative ministry leaders who will share their stories about how God partnered with them to write new chapters in His unfolding mission on earth. 

Inspired by the TED Conference, we’re asking these innovators to give the presentation of their life in 18 minutes or less. As a VERGE 2.0 participant, you will also receive learning resources throughout the following year to stimulate your Holy imagination and encourage your ministry.

Verge 2.0 happens Saturday, October 17, 9 am - 3 pm, at Community Church of Seattle in Bothell. Be there to behold the bold things God is doing in our midst! 

Watch a promo video: