Updates from Tidelands

By Rev. Brandon Bailey

2014 Wrap-Up
A couple of weeks ago we held our second annual meeting as "Tidelands Church." While we are not yet organized as a congregation we want to get into the habit of doing some of the things that will be part of our life once we are official. Here are a few highlights: 

  • Financially, we finished the year strong with a healthy cash balance in our bank account. We had an ambitious goal for income in 2014 and we came very close to reaching it.
  • We saved money in 2015 by not utilizing our budget for office space. While we desire to have an office soon, we also have other factors that go into making any big moves in this direction. The time has not been right yet.
  • Our grant from the Presbyterian Mission Agency is not renewable for 2015, so this next year will be a big step for us as we move toward being more financially independant.
  • If anyone would like copies of our financial statements or our budget for 2015 please contact our new treasurer, Tom Rowley.

Looking Forward 
As we move forward in our journey as a new worshipping community, the following are some of the "markers of success" that we will look at to judge whether or not we are moving in the right direction:

  • Growth, health, and multiplication of missional communities: We want to grow as a "congregation of missional communities" serving diverse people groups in a variety of places in our community.
  • New Believers/Adult Baptisms: If we are preaching the gospel of Jesus to those that need to hear it we should also see evidence of this in new professions of faith and baptisms.
  • Discipleship (people following Jesus): We want to see evidence that people are growing in spiritual maturity, teaching others, and putting their faith into practice in their life.
  • Self-Sustaining: In the next few years we want to become more financially self-sufficient, more proactive in supporting global missions work, and eventually organized as a congregation of the PC(USA).
  • Strong Pool of Missional Community Leaders: In order to develop new missional communities we will need to develop new leaders within our existing MC's.
  • Planting New Churches: Within 10 years we would like to be involved in the process of helping start a new worshipping community in our region. Already we are making our leaders available to the 1001 movement and want to continue to do so.

You will notice that what is absent from this list is any reference to worship attendance, facilities, and income. While we do have goals and plans for these things they primarily fall under our goal of being "self-sustaining" and not makers of success.