Pepitas Preschool

Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church has a lot of little people running around.

Those kids are a part of Pepitas Preschool, a bilingual Christian preschool for three to five year olds.

Director and founder of Pepitas Melissa Robertson first had the idea for a preschool after she moved to Lake Forest Park.

"I was looking around at the options, and language is really important to my husband and I, and when we were shopping around for preschools, we found not a lot of choices for the preschool we were looking for,” said Robertson. “So I was thinking about this and it was really bothering me and it was a heavy thing on my heart, and all of a sudden, I was like ‘I need to start my own preschool.’”

Lake Forest Park Pastor Frank Baresel says Robertson came by his office one day to pitch the idea.

Rev. Frank Baresel

Rev. Frank Baresel

“Melissa dropped by my office and said ‘Hey, I have an idea. I think God has been saying stuff to me, or at least I’ve been praying about this and this seemed like an opportunity that we could live in to,’” said Baresel.

Not only did the preschool fill a need for children and parents in the neighborhood, Pepitas filled a gap in the church’s outreach.

“She talked about the need for a preschool, the opportunity for a preschool that would be a bilingual preschool in our area, that allowed us as a congregation to maybe meet and penetrate a demographic in our area that we didn’t have any other way of doing, or hadn’t up ‘til now,” said Baresel.

Robertson praises the congregation’s help with Pepitas, whether it was with painting or prayer.

"Lake Forest Park Church has been amazing. They’ve really been supportive and they’ve been great listeners and really have seen the vision of starting a preschool that serves our community,” said Robertson. “Starting a bilingual Christian preschool, there’s just not any in the whole Seattle area. The Church really kind of caught on to that and saw that it could be something that could definitely serve the community, which is one of the church’s main missions.”

Pepitas served 24 students this past year, and plans to increase the rolls to 36 students in the fall of 2014. For more information, please visit