Why I Think God is in this Coming Together

Vision Sharing, Sept. 27, 2014
by: Corey Schlosser-Hall

Here are the pictures and links to videos I mentioned during our Leadership Summit in Ketchikan.  I encourage you to view them to taste who God is bringing together to proclaim the gospel and exhibit the kingdom of God.  

Rev. Becca Niemeyer was the first person ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament as Associate Director of The INN Ministries in Bellingham last May.

Las Pepitas Preschool
Melissa Robertson launched Las Pepitas Bilingual (Spanish & English) Preschool in partnership with Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church in the Fall of 2012.  It has grown steadily each year.  This fall they have 40 students in 3 classes, 6 teachers and the Director, Melissa.  They are financially self-sustaining, giving back to the church each month and have permission to expand the school even further.   Las Pepitas is just one of over 30 ministries our congregations and people have started to bless their communities in recent years.  
Here’s a video about Pepitas Preschool.  

Re-Church Conference at Community Church of Seattle
Last May, The Community Church of Seattle (CCS) hosted the Re-Church Conference 2014 on their campus.  CCS is our largest congregation having grown from 300 to 3500 in worship since 2003.  Through Re-Church they are now welcoming other Korean-American church leaders from around the country and the world to encourage them and learn together about helping churches transform and bless others.  I have attended a portion of the conference the last 2 years and I encourage you to attend next year.  Here is a videostory about the conference.

Metlakatla Native Youth Dancers
In August, the Metlakatla Native Youth Dancers and Rev. Larry Emery travelled to California and performed their dancing in 14 different venues in and around Sacramento.  These dancers are integrating their Christian faith with their Tsimshian culture and sharing it with the world.  Follow the group on Facebook.
Here’s a news story on Good Day Sacramento from that trip.  

The native youth dancers came to Ketchikan and danced during our celebration after worship on Friday, September 26.  See short video

Which brings me to why I think God is central to this coming together between Presbyterians in Washington and SE Alaska.  Who could come up with the idea that mostly white suburbanites, people in fast-growing Korean-American congregations, and Native Americans from island villages in SE Alaska would join to follow Jesus together? As I see it, no one but God could imagine this.  I’m grateful to be part of it.   

So what happens when all these people get together in the same place at the same time?  … Dancing!  Praise God!  Check it out

Korean-American pastors and elders from Zion PC, Agape PC, Myong Sung PC and Community Church of Seattle went to Metlakatla on Annette Island for a learning trip last Thursday-Friday before the leadership summit.  Here the group is on the top of Yellow Hill after a beautiful hike. 

Rev. James Kwon (left) and Elder Younghee Kim with Mayor of Metlakatla, Audrey Hudson.

I mentioned earlier that the first person ordained in Northwest Coast Presbytery was Rev. Becca Neimeyer.  The second person welcomed as a minister member of NWC Presbytery is Rev. Paul Kim, Associate Pastor of Community Church of Seattle (left). 

While we were in Ketchikan, Mountain View PC in Marysville held a party to celebrate their 50th Anniversary, the United (Yunhap) Presbyterian Church of Seattle hosted a national conference for Korean-American lay leaders on their Edmonds campus, and Snohomish PC hosted an immersion experience in Faith Forming Faith discipleship development with Rev. Paul Hoffman and Donna Linn.  Lots afoot in and around NWC Presbytery. 

I pray we all find our way into this dance.  Thank you for adventuring together.  To God be the glory! Amen.