Follow-up to Leadership Summit

Dear Friends,

Wow!  Sometimes that’s the only word that comes to mind when I think of what we experienced this past weekend at the Northwest Coast Leadership Summit in Ketchikan.  You traveled great distances and gave of your time, talent, and treasure to make this a successful meeting of our newly-constituted presbytery.  Along with God’s provision, your presence and participation made it the “Wow!” event that it was – thank you!  We hope that you returned home safely.  Please give us feedback through the presbytery office with both words of appreciation and suggestions for making the next meeting even better.

Metlakatla Presbyterian Youth Native Dancers perform.  Photo by Lorrie Nelson, CRE

Metlakatla Presbyterian Youth Native Dancers perform. 
Photo by Lorrie Nelson, CRE

I know you join me in giving special thanks to Rev. George Pasley & the transportation and meal crews of the Ketchikan church, Sarah Beard, and partners in Ketchikan from the ferry toll booth to the Super 8 staff to the Catholic and Nazarene churches who opened their doors to us.  

One of the traditions in the former Alaska presbytery is to commission folks to compose a resolution of thanks to be presented during the closing worship service, capturing the highlights of the meeting in a creative composition.  Here is what was shared as we gathered for worship, enjoying the presbytery choir and being inspired by Rev. George Pasley’s sermon:

Rev. George Pasley Photo: Lorrie Nelson, CRE

Rev. George Pasley
Photo: Lorrie Nelson, CRE

Resolution of Thanks
Northwest Coast Presbytery Leadership Summit
September 26-28, 2014
Ketchikan Presbyterian Church, Ketchikan, Alaska

During David Dobler’s retirement celebration on Friday night, Henry Fawcett held up a napkin with a picture of a crab on it and suggested (with tongue in cheek) that this was the animal representing the clan to which David belongs.  Now that David’s membership in the mythical “Crab Clan” has been revealed, this resolution of thanks springs forth from the four letters of the word "CRAB."

C is for Claw, with which to we will hold firmly and cling tenaciously to the word of truth as proclaimed in David Dobler's Friday sermon, and as expounded in the writings of Richard Baxter & Gregory the Great David presented us with on Saturday.

R is for Rays of the sun & Rain by the ton, God giving us an abundance of both ingredients that creation needs to grow.  As we met, God provided what we needed to grow together as new creations in Christ.

A is for Appreciation.  Appreciation for David Dobler's faithful pastoral ministry in congregations, presbyteries, & General Assembly.  Appreciation for one another's ministry and the potential for congregational partnerships expressed in “Open Space” discussions.  Appreciation for one another's perspectives on current issues during the sharing component of the GA Workshop.

B is for Budget, approved at this meeting, a new approach to funding a new presbytery committed to engaging, equipping, and encouraging congregations throughout the Northwest Coast, from Metlakatla to Myung Song, Petersburg to Port Townsend, Craig & Klawock to Cottage Lake.

Therefore, be it resolved, that for all this and more, we are eternally grateful, and we give God the glory! Amen!

Yes, indeed.  All glory to God.  Wow!
Together in Christ,
Rev. Kurt Helmcke
Presbytery Moderator