June 13, 2019 Hybrid leadership summit

Click Here: Full Agenda for the Meeting

Host:   Northern Light United Church
            400 W. 11th St.
            Juneau, AK 99801-1512

This is a hybrid Leadership Summit in Alaska, which means distant members are encouraged to attend the meeting online. The presbytery will reimburse travel and accommodation expenses only for key personnel: Commission moderators, staff and others pre-approved - contact the Stated Clerk. Connection information is at the top of the agenda.

Download the Agenda Slides and follow along during the meeting!

Schedule:  Videoconferencing will be available for Discern, Discuss & Decide, and worship

4:00 pm Alaska (5:00 pm Pacific)  - Discern, Discuss, and Decide
5:30 pm Alaska (6:30 pm Pacific) - Dinner

7:00 pm Alaska (8:00 pm Pacific) - Worship (with the ordination and installation of Faith McClellan)
8:30 pm Alaska (9:30 pm Pacific) - Adjourn