Jinsuk Kim, Associate Executive Presbyter to Korean Ministries

Jinsuk Kim is the Associate Executive Presbyter for Korean Ministries of the Northwest Coast Presbytery.  As a Korean-American, Jinsuk utilizes his experience of living between cultures, including numerous years of mission partnership with English-speaking and second generation Korean churches to joyfully bring Korean churches closer to the non-Korean churches in this presbytery and synod. 

Jinsuk came to United States in 1977 as a nineteen year old boy.  He has always lived between the two cultures and languages.  He endured to earn a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at State University of New York at Buffalo, and a Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Education at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Virginia.

Prior to seminary, Jinsuk worked as a paraprofessional counselor and therapist in schools, hospitals and group homes where he developed years of relationship with developmentally-disabled people.  Those were years of experiencing “plain human-ness”.

Jinsuk was ordained a PC (USA) pastor in 1995, and received his first call to Korean Presbyterian Church of Metro Detroit as an associate pastor, where he served for five years.  He then moved to Long Island, NY to establish a new church, Faith Korean Presbyterian Church, in the Presbytery of Long Island.  Jinsuk served as the pastor of Faith Korean PC for thirteen years.  During those years, Jinsuk developed as a mediator between Korean and non-Korean communities.  

Jinsuk loves being in nature, especially the mountains and seas.  His favorite place is where wild flowers grow naturally, and he always loves to learn something new.

Jinsuk is blessed with a lovely wife, Grace, and three grown daughters, Areen, Aeyung and Aekyung, all are in art and music professions in New York.