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2/11-14: Transitional Ministry Workshops

Doing transitional ministry training is an outstanding way to develop pastoral leadership muscles!  And this one is taught by our friends in Seattle Presbytery (Heidi Armstrong, Scott Lumsden, Eliana Maxim, and others) in our backyard—Portland.  

Transitional Ministry Workshops @ Menucha

Change happens - in interim situations and in congregations of longstanding. Build your skills with Week 1 and Week 2 of training (also qualifies as Interim Ministry Training).

Dates:  February 11 - 14, 2019    (Week 1 and Week 2 programs)

Cost: $699 (Includes program fee, triple occupancy room, all meals and materials. Other accommodations available; see our website for details). 

More Info and Registration:  Click Here

Want more details? Here are frequently asked questions.

Q: Is this the same as Interim Ministry Training?

A: It’s close, but not the same thing. Interim Ministry Training has been changing and adapting to our new cultural context for a while now. This particular training is designed to be more up-to-date with the current context — addressing the fact that every church is in some sort of transition or another.

Q: Will I still “get credit” for taking Interim Ministry?

A: Yes. We cover all the topics required for interim training. Also, our instructors are part the PC(USA)’s Interim Ministry Consortium (IMC). See

Q: So what’s different about this particular Transitional Ministry Training offering?

A: Though covering many of the same topics, this offering is designed to be more immediately applicable to your current context. It addresses not just the “interim” ministry context, but many other contexts where congregational change is needed — after a long period of stagnancy, as a part of an intentional revisioning process, as a result of congregational conflict, within the context of reestablishing a new vision and mission for ministry.

Q: What do you teach in Week 1 vs. Week 2?

A: Here is what we cover in Week 1 Training:

Leadership is about teamwork, but good leadership starts with you. This first four day seminar will empower you to identify and lead (or be a part of a team leading) meaningful, transformational change in any church context. Learn the basics of congregational dynamics, church systems, effective conflict resolution, power dynamics, and simple strategies for leading change in congregations. Grow as well in your awareness of yourself as a church leader, a person of faith, and gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses as a transitional leader.

Here’s what we cover in Week 2 Training:

Once engaged in an intentional transition (Week I), transformational leaders need to be equipped to continue to lead through the rough waters of change. This second four day seminar further develops the tools of identifying the necessary change, establishing the strategies for change, recruiting a leadership team, dealing with congregational conflict, and sustaining a new culture around renewed identity.