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Rev. Amy Delaney, Studio E3 Catalyst (Church Renewal)

GRACE AND PEACE TO YOU, MY FELLOW CHURCH COLLEAGUES. My name is Amy Delaney and I am excited to be beginning a new ministry with Northwest Coast Presbytery titled “Studio E3 Catalyst.” I like to describe this ministry as one of connecting pastors, sessions and congregations with the resources they need to move in the direction of renewal and revitalization. E3 refers to the NWC purpose, to Engage, Equip and Encourage (E3) the congregations and leadership within our presbytery.

Have you noticed that the only experts on parenting are parents of a single child? It is easy to be certain about what is the right thing to do when you only have one example. Once the second child comes along, most parents realize that this parenting gig is harder than they originally thought. Churches are similar, in that each church presents different characteristics, gifts, traits and opportunities. It’s like Jesus’ parable of the talents. Each church has been given its own sack of talents – and they are not alike. No one program will or should fit all churches. Thankfully, there are a variety of resources, programs, ideas and opportunities out there for consideration when it’s time to explore something new.

I have been part of NWC since 2010, serving as Pastor of Edmonds Presbyterian Church. I have also served as a member and co-moderator of the Commission on Ministry. Before my ministry here, I served in Seattle Presbytery as a designated pastor, parish associate, temporary pastor, and on various other assignments for their COM. I continue to serve as a Spiritual Director, helping individuals hear the voice of God in their lives. I look forward to serving the Presbytery in this new role.

You may reach me at or by any of the other options listed in the Presbytery directory.