It’s time for year-end reporting again. An email with instructions and information has been sent to all Clerks of Session, Moderators of Sessions, and church offices. If a new clerk has been recently elected, please email Sarah.

Checklist of this year's reports:

1.  General Assembly (directions below) 
     - Annual Statistical Report - Due Feb. 2complete online
     - Clerks Annual Questionnaire - Due Jan. 31complete online

2.  NWC Presbytery - Due Jan. 30
     - Terms of call for clergy (fill-in form)
           Terms of call data must also be reported to the Board of Pensions
     - Necrology (fill-in form)
     - Date of last financial review (fill-in form)
     - Copy of current Insurance Declaration of Coverage (scan and email to Dean)

3.  NWC Presbytery - Due Feb. 2
     - Roster of Elders (fill-in form)
     - Roster of Deacons (fill-in form)
     - Copy of Church Annual Report (word processing file or scan and email to Dean)

Directions for General Assembly reporting:

2016 Instruction Booklet (English)
2016 Instruction Booklet (Korean)

1.  GA Annual Statistical Report – click on “access the year end statistics online reporting system”

  • Instructions are found at the above link in English, Korean, and Spanish.
  • Don’t be afraid to estimate when you lack reliable data (e.g Sunday School attendance).
  • Financial Section - May be completed and/or entered by your financial person.
  • Username and Password – The same as last year; information was emailed to all Clerks of Session and Moderators of Session.  Be careful to use only yours.
  • Remember, the closer you get to the deadline the slower the system will be, since it slows down with multiple users and most people wait to the last minute.
  • Call Dean if you have questions or difficulties—use the 10 minute rule—if you can’t solve an issue in ten minutes, call! 425.210.8997 (till 11pm nightly!) 

2.  Clerk's Annual Questionnaire - 


Email Rev. Dean Strong, Stated Clerk, with questions.

Progress Report from Dean