Next Leadership Summit:

Next stated Leadership Summit:
Date:   Thursday, June 8, 2017
Time:   10am - 3:30pm (Pacific Time)
Place:  First Presbyterian Church
            715 E. Scootney St.
            Othello, WA  99344-1838
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This is a hybrid meeting, which means distant members are encouraged to attend the meeting on-line.  The presbytery will only provide reimbursement for lodging and airfare for key personnel.  Mileage will be reimbursed at $.14 per mile.  Carpools are encouraged, approximate 3 hour drive from Everett, WA.  Email Dean Strong, Stated Clerk, with any questions.

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Meeting Schedule:
9am   Level 2 Healthy Boundaries workshop
10am  Gather, Check-in, Fellowship
10:30  Workshops
12pm  Lunch
1pm    Word and Sacrament
2pm   Discuss, Discern and Decide
3:30   Adjourn

Leadership Summit Meeting Packet (Revised June 6, 2017.)

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